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broadcast type plutonian availability made possible by
101.9FM vancouver [back late 2007] [CiTR radio] inf
[citr] realaudio stream [back late 2007] [CiTR radio] inf
[citr] mp3 stream [back late 2007] [CiTR radio] inf
[outpost] mp3 stream [intermittent / soid 01 studios] [soid 01] fni
archives [currently closed, sorry] [-+-] fni

note: for detailed broadcast schedule click here.

plutonian nights broadcasts between the hours of 10pm and 12am PST [pacific standard time] every other tuesday night on CiTR 101.9fm vancouver, british columbia, canada.

[NOTE: as of november 2006, we are on extended vacation!. we will be back at a new time, and in a completely new form, late 2007. check the website then for more information. email will still be intermittently checked. thanks!]

worldwide you can tune in by connecting to the CiTR radio realaudio or mp3 stream during show hours.

soid 01 studio [outpost] MP3 broadcasts are intermittent.

plutonian nights' archives are currently closed, sorry.

if you experience problems connecting with CiTR's realaudio or mp3 stream or wish to find out more information about said service and/or CiTR radio you can go to CiTR's website.

any other questions or comments should be directed here.