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[NOTE: as of november 2006, we are on extended vacation!. we will be back at a new time, and in a completely new form, late 2007. check the website then for more information. email will still be intermittently checked. we ask that you refrain from mailing promotional items until we return. thanks!]

plutonian nights plays and creates music. all kinds of music. and then sometimes it doesnt. it is an almost completely improvised radio show that currently happens every alternating tuesday night in vancouver. musical content is predominantly electronic based, but not always. we try to keep things at least a little bit "experimental" if thats a valid word, but sometimes the show is very simple, straightforward and not very "experimental" at all. it totally depends on the people involved, at that moment, on that particular show, in whichever whatever mood, whatever the planets are doing e..t..c. it is sometimes coherant, soothing, peaceful and sometimes messy and abrasive. you may find it very good or very bad, and so may we. overall it is a sum of all the ideas, hopes and dreams of the people involved, including those who listen.

the studio setup in CiTR's a-control [what we use for pn] includes 2 technics 1200 turntables, vestax dj mixer, 3 pitchable/loopable denon cd decks, 2 pitchable/loopable denon minidisc decks, 1 PC with high speed internet connection, 1 pitchable 1/4" reel-to-reel, 3 microphones and any additional sound gear/instruments also plugged into the main mixing console.

plutonian nights broadcasts from the studios of CiTR 101.9fm in vancouver, british columbia, canada. the show currently broadcasts between 10pm and 12am every other tuesday night, pacific standard time [+8 hours GMT]. in the greater vancouver area [inc some parts of vancouver island, whistler, and some areas south of the border] it can be heard by tuning your radio to 101.9 on the fm dial. better reception can be obtained by hooking local cable up to your tuner. worldwide the show can be heard via the CiTR internet realaudio or mp3 stream. plutonia broadcasts at other times occur via the outpost studios stream. for more schedule information check here.

more information about CiTR radio can be found at the website.

in many ways plutonian nights has been and continues to be an outlet for an undefined and constantly changing subculture. it is indeed a community affair and contibutions extend far beyond those made by members of the plutonia collective. the show has been built by all those that have been and continue to be a part of it. many contributions have been made by countless guest dj's and performers. an incomplete record of shows, sets, and moments can be heard in the archive section [note: currently closed, sorry, email us if you really need something from there]. if you have information on shows not listed, or even better archived material of shows or sets, that you would like to contribute, please drop us a line here

the host/producer of plutonian nights is haitchc. he is also the resident performer/dj. more information on him can be found on the sinusoidal records website. he has been involved with radio since 1991 and originally hosted the SoH radio show with ex-co-hort blake smith. haitchc can be contacted here.

phone lines during show hours at CiTR are at (604)822-2487

url submissions, requests for guest spots, questions, anything else can be emailed here [please do not send mp3s or attachments to this address as they will be auto-deleted].

cd's, tapes, minidiscs and anything else can be snailmailed to us. please email us for mailing address.

we encourage your feedback and contribution to the radio show, plutonia, surrounding communal projects, and hope you enjoy!

much love
the plutonia collective